Born in Toronto, Canada, Anita Niemeyer-Archibald currently resides with her husband Brent and two children, Nathan and Annaliese, in Aurora, Ontario. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at York University in addition to a Computer Graphics diploma. Working from her home studio, Anita paints on commission and sells her work privately, with sold pieces finding a home in numerous collections across North America and Europe.

Artist Statement

For me, creating art is a large part of making something special out of everyday and showing that beauty can be found in the simplicity of everyday things. I believe it is my talent to capture, and through painting, reflect the beauty that is all around me. I strive to portray the essence of each figure and delicate flower. Painting is a necessity, like breathing, fuelled by my passion. It is my goal to create works that please the eye and ease the spirit. 

In my paintings, I wish to create a sense of voyeurism, whereby the viewer quietly observes the subject from a distance, who is oblivious to being observed. Drawing the viewer into the scene, it is my goal not to paint life, but to paint life into my work and create an emotional connection that I hope will inspire my viewers. I am often drawn to water, light and reflection and tend to incorporate these elements into my paintings. I like to use wood panel as my painting surface of choice, sanding between layers of gesso, to achieve a smooth and even surface. This allows for fine detail as I apply very thin layers of oil paint.